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Welcome to ADOPT-FIT

ADOPT-FIT provides Vendor Managed Inventory "VMI" services to Global Industries.  We compact and enhance industrial supply chains, yielding significant logistics improvements and cost savings.

ADOPT-FIT provides outstanding service to major industrial suppliers and consumers globally and our technologies have been deployed for over 16 years with proven reliability and stability.

What we do...

ADOPT-FIT measures industrial stock levels using either automated telemetry data acquisition systems, or by acquiring data directly from MRP systems.  The levels can be used to trigger electronic replenishment using internet data transfer.

The process is called VMI and it eliminates many manual processes needed to manage the supply chain.

ADOPT-FIT provides tools to be able to determine project feasibility and projected on-going savings.  Installation costs are often recovered in a matter of weeks.

ADOPT-FIT has extensive global experience and is pleased to work with over 70 major companies including 8 out of the top 10 chemical producers.

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Recent Developments...

ADOPT-FIT is now in the process of deploying the new eGIM system. You can try this now using your existing login credentials. More information is available here

We are pleased to announce that we are nearing completion of the Telemetry replacement project for Huntsman Polyurethanes in Europe.

Web-enabled outstations are now being deployed. These offer significant advantages over conventional telemetry. Please check here for further information which will be available soon.

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